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Bronchoscopy Report Template

ICU BRONCHOSCOPY PROCEDURE NOTE                                                          OPERATOR: ANESTHETIC: PROCEDURE:  Flexible bronchoscopy Scope: Evis Exera II (2.8) Position:   Supine Intubation site:  ETT INDICATION:  Pulmonary toilet/mucous plugging/BAL sampling FINDINGS: Trachea: Main carina:   Sharp Left Mainstem Bronchus: LUL: LLL: Right Mainstem Bronchus: RUL: Rt bronchus intermedius RML: RLL: SPECIMENS: BAL: 30cc x 3 (location: ) COMPLICATIONS:   None IMPRESSION:   Bronchoscopy : PLAN:  Sent BAL for C&S/gram stain/fungal/viruses/Legionella/Mycoplasma/AFB/PJP – Copy & paste the above report into the Powerchart Advanced Clinic Procedure Note – Pictures from the USB attached