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Trillium Gift-of-Life Network – For Professionals

From the Trillium Gift-of-Life Network Professionals Website ( Supporting Healthcare Professionals The educational resources developed by Trillium Gift of Life Network (TGLN) assist Healthcare Professionals from all disciplines to increase their knowledge about organ and tissue donation. Whether you work in a critical care unit, an emergency department, the perioperative environment, or on a general in-patient unit, the material contained in this section includes information and knowledge that is relevant for your area of practice. Referral and Notification If you are

Ontario Poison Centre

The Ontario Poison Centre in Toronto has been serving the general public and healthcare professionals throughout Ontario since 1979. Although the Poison Centre is located at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), our clientele includes both children and adults. The primary role of the Poison Centre is to provide telephone information and advice about potential or real exposures to poisonous substances. Toll Free #: 1-800-268-9017 Local #: (416)-813-5900 Website:

Crit Care HUGO Order Sets

CRIT CARE – Admission CRIT CARE/CCOT – Suggested Orders CRIT CARE – Sedation (Module) CRIT CARE – Analgesia (Module) CRIT CARE – Bowel Routine (Module) CRIT CARE – Traumatic Brain Injury (Module) CRIT CARE – Enteral Feeding (Module) CRIT CARE – Insulin Infusion (Module) CRIT CARE – Withdrawal of Life Support (Module) CRIT CARE – Invasive Ventilation (Module) CRIT CARE – Diabetic Ketoacidosis (Module) CRIT CARE – Electrolyte Replacement (Module) CRIT CARE – Induction of Therapeutic Hypothermia (Module) CRIT CARE – IV Contrast Nephropathy Prophylaxis (Module) CRIT CARE – Organ Donation:

Lumbar Puncture Template

ICU LUMBAR PUNCTURE PROCEDURE NOTE OPERATOR: INDICATION: PROCEDURE:  Lumbar Puncture Informed consent was obtained from the patient’s family ____________ Patient was put in full spinal flexion/lateral decubitus (neck in flexion and knees to abdomen/chest) Spinous processes land-marked for Tuffier’s line (PSIS across laterally) – location of L4 Cap/mask + sterile gown/gloves donned by operator Lower back prepared with chlorhexidine and draped in standard sterile fashion Local anesthetic instilled into back (Lidocaine 1% w/o epinephrine –  ___ cc) 22-Gauge (8.9cm) Tuohy

Bronchoscopy Report Template

ICU BRONCHOSCOPY PROCEDURE NOTE                                                          OPERATOR: ANESTHETIC: PROCEDURE:  Flexible bronchoscopy Scope: Evis Exera II (2.8) Position:   Supine Intubation site:  ETT INDICATION:  Pulmonary toilet/mucous plugging/BAL sampling FINDINGS: Trachea: Main carina:   Sharp Left Mainstem Bronchus: LUL: LLL: Right Mainstem Bronchus: RUL: Rt bronchus intermedius RML: RLL: SPECIMENS: BAL: 30cc x 3 (location: ) COMPLICATIONS:   None IMPRESSION:   Bronchoscopy : PLAN:  Sent BAL for C&S/gram stain/fungal/viruses/Legionella/Mycoplasma/AFB/PJP – Copy & paste the above report into the Powerchart Advanced Clinic Procedure Note – Pictures from the USB attached


Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Powerchart (HUGO Orders Sets) – for TBI: – CRIT CARE – Traumatic Brain Injury (module) – CRIT CARE – Traumatic Brain Injury with Persistent Elevation in ICP (module) – CRIT CARE – Induction of Therapeutic Hypothermia (module) This Neuro Flashcard has been adapted from the University of Calgary’s Traumatic Brain Injury Protocol and edited to the protocols at London Health Sciences Centre (Victoria Hospital – CCTC) Tier 1: Cerebrovascular Stability, Sedation & Ventricular Drainage Monitoring ·      ICP (EVD/Codman/Licox –

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