Critical Care Western’s Competence Committee

Critical Care Western’s Competence Committee (CC) is a subcommittee of the Residency Program Committee (RPC) responsible for curation, collation and review of resident performance. The CC is also responsible for deciding on whether trainees are progressing as expected and are able to graduate from one stage of training to the next. CC decisions are made by group consensus and are based on an in-depth examination of multiple sources of written feedback. These include:
  1. Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA) assessments
  2. In-training evaluation reports (ITERs)
  3. Procedure log book
  4. Academic half-day attendance (days attended / days available to attend)
  5. Charge nurse evaluations for MSICU, CCTC, & CSRU
  6. Junior resident evaluations
  7. Academic advisor reports
  8. Witnessed communication forms
  9. MCCKAP & Metrics exam results
  10. Internal SAQ test performance
  11. Scholarly project reports & feedback
  12. Presentation evaluations
  13. Other multisource evaluations submitted by the trainee (e.g. letters from families, emails from nurses… etc.)


The Competence Committee meets every two months for resident review. Review findings are then communicated in confidence with each resident and their academic advisor. This is performed as per standard operating procedures.


CCW CC Standard Operating Procedures – Oct 2018


Current Competence Committee Members (2019-2020):
  1. Ahmed Hegazy (Chair)
  2. Ron Butler (Program Director)
  3. Mithu Sen
  4. Rob Leeper
  5. Eyad Althenayan
  6. Tina Mele
  7. John Basmaji
  8. Anna Gunz (Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Program)
  9. Corey Hilliard (Program Administrator)